Narrative Writing Practice!

Happy Monday! Tonight I want to share a new pack with you to help your struggling writers with narrative writing.  The pack would be perfect for writing centers, morning work, writing practice, and even as assessments, if needed.  Let’s take a look at my new pack, Just Print Narrative Writing Practice!
Each “writing page” includes a story with illustrations already provided for the student. This is ideal to help your little ones who have a hard time coming up with a solid sequence of events.  Let me be very clear – I’m a huge believer that the child needs to develop their own narrative – However, I often have students who really need this to be explicitly modeled over and over again before they are able to formulate a logical story on their own.  Do you have these students, too?  This pack is designed to help them get their feet wet with narratives, and get them started in a very direct, explicit way! 🙂
Students write about the pictures and use the temporal words provided to guide them through the beginning, middle, and end of the narrative.  There is even a self-reflection checklist at the bottom of the page for the child to edit and go through their writing!  Students color code their capitals and periods to ensure they are not missing these essential conventions. I’ve included the SAME pages without the checklist in case you don’t want to use that quite yet.  When teaching beginning writers, it’s important to make sure to focus first on content and THEN on conventions.  Depending on the time of year you use this and where your students are at with their writing goals, multiple forms and templates are provided for you!  Perfect, right?! 🙂
The pack also includes blank templates so your students can use this same format to write and generate their very own unique narrative stories! Using these templates after they’ve modeled and practiced on the picture prompt pages will boost their confidence and help them apply what they’ve learned. 🙂  All four template versions are included with blank copies, and separate “self-reflection” checklists are also included for whenever and however you wish to use them! 🙂
 The pack contains a clickable table of contents page to help you jump to the format that works best for you at particular times of the year.  You can provide the same picture prompt in various templates to the whole class – differentiating the paper template to meet the various needs of your writers! 🙂  
 Here are some additional ideas on ways you can use this writing pack in your classroom!
You can find this pack in my Teachers Pay Teachers Story by clicking HERE or clicking on the cover page below! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it! 
I hope you have a wonderful week! Happy Writing and as always –

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