Free Valentine Cards for Little Artists

Free Valentine Cards for little artists!

As a teacher and a mama to little ones, I’m always looking for creative Valentines that don’t involve sugar! If I’m going to spend the time and money on Valentines gifts for students or my son’s classmates, I want it to be something they can actually use and have fun with! My four-year-old is REALLY into art these days! He’s been taking a painting class and loves to be creative. When he told me he wanted “art themed” Valentine’s for his preschool friends, my immediate thought was watercolor paint sets! They’re cheap, useful, and fun! I want to share what I whipped up for his preschool class with you- for FREE !

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Free Valentine Cards for Artists

I found MINI watercolor sets (think party favor size) on Amazon. They are only a couple inches wide, but they are SO cute, and they actually work! You can find the watercolors I used here. Then, I printed the Valentine cards on white cardstock and taped the watercolor sets onto the left side of the cards. My son printed his name onto each card and voila! Instant, adorable Valentine cards for his classmates!

Free Valentine Cards for little artists!

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Educational Valentine Resources

If you’re looking for some educational Valentine’s Day fun to go along with these cards, your students will LOVE these three resources below! They’re creative, engaging, and spark some serious critical thinking skills! Click on each image to learn more:

Valentine's Day Digital Brain Teasers

Valentine's Day Reading Passages

Valentine's Day Mix-Up Reading Activity

I hope you love the free Valentine cards! If you’re looking for MORE free Valentine gifts and cards, I also have Valentine’s Bubbles and Valentine’s Playdough gifts on my blog! I hope you and your loved ones have a very happy Valentine’s Day! To save this blog post or share these free Valentine cards with a colleague or friend, use the image below to pin it on Pinterest!

Free Valentine Cards for little artists!

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