Five for Friday! Our Week In Pictures

I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week’s Five for Friday! Here is a look at my week in pictures!
In math class, we practiced telling time to the hour and the half hour. I’ve been working on telling time to the hour with my kids throughout the year, so they picked up telling time to the half hour and even to the 5 minute mark really quickly! Our intervention specialist has an adorable way for them to remember to look at the small hour hand first. She told the kids, “I was small before I grew up and got big. So I look at the small hand before the big hand.” All week, you could hear some of my kids saying to themselves: “I was small before I was big.” It was too cute! 🙂 
We scanned more QR codes this week as we researched information on our tablets. 

We wrote opinion essays this week in Writer’s Workshop.  Yesterday, I gave the kids this prompt:
“Do you think first grade or kindergarten is better? Give reasons to support your opinion.”
Pencils were seriously FLYING with this prompt! They got so into it and loved giving me reasons to back up their opinion.  My favorite? “First grade is better than kindergarten because we get challenging questions. We also get to write essays.”
L-O-V-E! 🙂

We did A LOT of visualizing in our Daily 5 mini lessons this week.  We are going to be concentrating really hard on word problems over the next few weeks. I am hoping that making mental images in their everyday reading will transfer over to their mathematical comprehension skills when it comes to story problems. 🙂
We used Laura Numeroff’s Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers to kick off our mental image lessons. This book is so cute and contains some very strange images that the children need to dream up!
We used the famous Green Giant poem on Day 2.  We highlighted the words within the text that helped us make our mental images.
Next, we used the poem My Neighbor’s Dog Is Purple to understand that our mental images can change throughout a text based on what the author decides to disclose or share with the readers.
In Daily 5 this week, we stamped our words for Word Work. I am happy to say that my kids took on their own challenge this week in word work. I did not realize until today that the kids had a “challenge” going among themselves to see who could spell the word “because” without looking at the word wall anymore.
You have to love student-led motivation right?!

Finally, check out my fur baby’s little chevron couch! He just loves it!  It matches my office, so I love it , too! He has been sleeping on it all week! 🙂 

 Thanks for visiting and catching up with our week! I’ll be back on Sunday to share a BRIGHT idea with you in a very big, bright, and practical blog hop! 🙂 Stay tuned! 

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  1. I love the idea about being small then big too! And the student that loves first grade challenges and essays ROCKS! Will you please send him to Florida to help my second graders write so well! I LOVE ALL of your ideas and help with writing. I can't think of one thing you've shared that I haven't used in my classroom. And the Weston's chevron bed? A-MAZE-ING! Matches your new office perfectly! I have two yorkie babies Lexi and Allie that would LOVE to chill on their own chevron couch. They can't stand it when I work in my craft room/office! I have to do all my computer work in bed so they can curl up and snuggle with me after the school day! Thanks for ALL you share! :o)

  2. Yay! I read this post right while I am finishing up the time unit and for those couple of kids who still inadvertently mess up their minute and hour hand, this will be perfect to teach them on Monday!

  3. That's so great your kiddos are picking up telling time to 5 minutes! Don't you just love little Judy clocks?! It is so helpful to have a bunch {or if you are lucky–a class set!}

    Your dog's couch is adorable!! That's awesome he actually sits on it too : ) If I bought that for my cat, I'm sure he'd avoid it like the plague though!

  4. Could you please send your little smarties to teach my second graders how to spell because? Because as much as they like to use it, they should have it memorized! And after that, how about 'maybe'…because if I have to read 'mabey' one more time I might lose it! (It is spelled how it sounds, for goodness sakes!)

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