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This sight word practice bundle includes all THREE sets of my Sight Word Fluency Practice Packs for Fry’s first three hundred sight words!

*During the COVID-19 Crisis, you can email this directly to the parents of the students in your classroom so that they can print and use this with their child for reading intervention. (Please include a note to your parents that they cannot share it with anyone else.) This is a single-classroom purchase and the students in your classroom are part of that license. This applies only to the families of your students (not other teachers, staff, etc.) I hope this helps you to continue to provide reading intervention with the support of your students’ families.

These packs each contain 34 fluency phrases (102 pages) that are designed to increase fluency and sight word identification for your most struggling readers. Combined, the three packs cover the first 300 Fry Words. Teachers have been using these packs as morning work, homework, warm-ups for small group and guided reading, and activities that parent volunteers can do with your students easily and effectively. There are many uses for these sight word builders.

Each fluency page targets 3 of Fry’s first 300 sight words. Students will color the targeted words and then find each word three times in the fun Word Hunt box. Then, students will read the sentence builder three times to practice smoothness, rate, and expression. Finally, students will demonstrate their comprehension by illustrating the complete sentence.

Pre and post assessments and a teacher tracking sheet has also been included!

*This bundle pack does NOT include my Sight Word Fluency Passages. These are shortened sentences with decreased text and complexity – perfect for kindergarten and first grade, as well as students on an IEP goal for sight word identification and fluency.

Read about how I use this product in my classroom by seeing my blog post and clicking HERE.

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This Bundle Covers the following topics and skills: fluency, sight words, passages, phrases, sentences, Fry words, great for intervention, reading skills, warm-ups, RTI, sight word fluency, sight word phrases, high frequency words, comprehension, and word hunts!


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