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my literacy coach office

Take a look inside of my literacy coach office! Read about how I set it up, get links to your favorite items, and grab my bulletin board freebie!

After teaching first and second grade for twelve years, I’m starting a new journey and adventure in the field of education this year! I moved into the position of our district’s literacy coach for PreK through fifth grade, and I could not be more excited! That means I’ve swapped my classroom for an office, which is quite a big change for someone who loves to decorate and create a cozy classroom! I have to say that I am in LOVE with how my literacy coach office turned out. In this blog post, I want to “walk” you around my little room, and share some of the areas and spots with you. I also have a FREE file for you that I used to create my science of reading bulletin board. Let’s get started!

(This blog post includes some Amazon Affiliate links for your convenience, so that you can find and reference the materials and supplies I refer to easily and quickly. This just means that my blog receives a tiny compensation if you click on these links- at absolutely no extra charge to you.)

literacy office coaching corner

Take a look inside of my literacy coach office! Read about how I set it up, get links to your favorite items, and grab my bulletin board freebie!

The first thing that usually draws people’s attention is my new table and chairs. I wanted a spot in our school building that was inviting, quiet, and adult-sized. Yes, we are teachers of little ones, which usually means we sit in tiny desks and small group reading tables to gather with one another. But I wanted a spot that was created for teachers to meet, discuss, reflect, and plan with one another. I want my office to be one that feels welcoming to the staff, and a place that they can use even when I am not there. The table and chairs are from Amazon, and I’ve linked it all, plus everything else in my pictures, in a shopping guide at the bottom of this post.

I don’t have much storage, so you’ll notice lots of bookshelves and storage pieces. The white shelf with the white storage trays is from Ikea, from their Trofast collection. The black bookshelf in the back corner holds all of my decodable books. I’ll be sharing a list of my favorite decodable books from various publishers in a future blog post. The shower rod hanging from the back door can hold anchor charts for upcoming lessons or PD that I’ll be modeling and sharing with staff and students.

Another highlight in my office is my science of reading bulletin board. Keep reading- I promise I’ll share all about it in a bit!

Small Group literacy coach corner

On the other side of my little room is my small group reading area! The best part of this job as a literacy coach is that I will get to work directly with teachers in their classrooms, and also with students! I will also be going through my Orton Gillingham practicum experience this year, so I will be working directly with our at-risk readers in order to provide them with structured literacy instruction. A small group table also allows me to have a space to use to model lessons for teachers and work on assessments with students and staff. (The black bookshelf beside the table will house my read-aloud books, but I had not unpacked them yet when I snapped these pictures.)

Orton Gillingham Lesson Sequence Cards

You may have noticed the fun structured literacy posters to the right of my small group whiteboard. I created these as a tool to keep myself organized and on-track when teaching my structured literacy lessons with students. There are many parts and pieces to an Orton Gillingham lesson, and these cards will be a great visual to keep myself on track! They are also great for students so that they know what is coming next. Even if you are not trained in OG, these cards work with ANY structured literacy lesson! Simply post and display the activities you will be doing in your small group or whole group reading lesson for the day. You can find this pack in my shop by clicking here or on the image below.

Small Group Reading Resources

Below are resources you may find useful during your small group reading lessons for structured literacy. Whether you are a classroom teacher, intervention specialist, reading specialist, or a literacy coach, these resources will be engaging and valuable for your structured literacy lessons!

Literacy Coach Coffee counter

literacy coach office coffee corner for professional development meetings and coaching sessions

My one and only little built-in storage cupboard has been transformed into a cute little coffee counter! Believe it or not, this cupboard was gray with a beige countertop. We covered the bottom part of the cupboard with chalkboard contact paper. The top is also contact paper! It looks like real wood, doesn’t it?! It’s amazing what a little roll of contact paper can do for a space! Both of the contact papers that we used are linked in the shopping guide at the end of this post.

Why did I save space for a coffee counter? Besides the fact that I drink a lot of coffee, I wanted a cute spot that I can set up coffee, donuts, breakfast, snacks, etc. for my teachers from time to time! I know that one of the best ways to get teachers to gather together is with some yummy treats and a hot cup of coffee, tea, or soda! I plan to host monthly “Grab and Go” professional learning days once our school year gets underway. I’ll be sharing more about these Grab and Go projects throughout the year on my blog!

My Cozy literacy coach Space

I have NO windows in my office. Yikes! To battle the windowless room, I filled it with lots of lamps and lights to make it cozy and welcoming. I kept my black and white theme that I have always used in my classroom, with the same pops of color to make it feel like home!

Science of Reading Bulletin BOard

One of my favorite parts of my classroom is my science of reading bulletin board. I LOVE how it turned out! I chose some important and critical pieces of information and models to display behind my desk. My hope is that this board is one that can be referred to when coaching teachers, sparks conversation and questions among those who visit my office, and serves as a reminder of what my mission is as a structured literacy coach.

The bulletin board includes Hollis Scarborough’s Reading Rope, the Simple View of Reading, the four-part processing model for word recognition, and information about the reading brain. As Ohio moves into the implementation of our new dyslexia law, our K-2 teachers will be diving into a deeper study of phonological awareness and phonics instruction over the next couple of years. This bulletin board will be a great resource for discussions and reminders throughout our PD meetings!

If you would like a FREE copy of the labels I used on my bulletin board, you can sign up for my email list and receive a copy below. Please note that the freebie only contains the bulletin board pieces, not the letters and header. These were created on my Silhouette machine and are not available to share. You can use whatever quote or bulletin board letters you would like on your board.

Quick Shopping Links

Below are quick affiliate links from Amazon for all of the materials I mentioned above! I hope this helps get you started in a convenient and easy-to-access way:

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Photographs and information about my literacy coach office! Get free science of reading bulletin board labels to recreate the bulletin board I added to my office!

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