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Hall Pass!

I’ve joined many other bloggers in a linky party hosted by Reagan at Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits.  Here are the rules: 

P – Product.    My favorite product is my States of Matter for Kids! Science Unit.  Why? Because I think it’s so FUN!  I love incorporating science experiments into the classroom. It is a great motivator to struggling learners and I’ve always received the sweetest feedback from parents each year about all the fun their child had with our experiments.  This unit is packed with them! 🙂 
A – Area.  This one is so hard!  I work so hard each summer to make my classroom cozy and inviting for my students – and for me! We probably spend more time in our classroom than we do in our own homes during the school year.  We may as well love the area we work in! 🙂  
My favorite area – and probably the least-fancy area in my room – is my small group reading table. It’s my favorite because that’s where the *magic* of first grade happens – the place where my students fall in love with books, reading, and the many joys that come with literacy.  (Or so I tell myself every day at 3:30…) 😉
S – Signal.  Ohh, how do I choose just one? If you work with me or have worked with me, you know I’m a huge fan of chants and quiet signals.  I love to use songs to line up because by the time we finish the song, my kiddos are at the door and ready to go.  It also gives me a minute or two to gather what I need for a meeting and keeps them busy during the transition.  By the third week of school, I can sing the first line and they finish the rest of them on their own. 
Here’s my favorite – It is sung to the tune of: Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Are your eyes looking straight?
Are you standing nice and tall?
Are your hands to your side?
Are you ready for the hall?
Please remember to be quiet, so our class will not be heard.
Now we’re ready for the hall – ZIP!
S – Sanity.  Ahh..this one is easy. I have a few but I’ll go with my top two.  One is my friend Rachel, across the hall.  She’s the one at school that I go to when I need to vent, ask if her class is crazy that day or is it just mine?, jump for joy, ask if her kids won’t stop chatting or is it just mine?, complain, celebrate, ask if her class is still eating their pencils or is it just mine?, ponder over a curriculum matter, ask if her class seems to lose every eraser she gives them or is it just mine?, and laugh with throughout the day!  Everyone needs a good friend at school to keep them sane.  You can meet mine by visiting her blog! 🙂
I also have a quote in my room that I refer to when I know my patience is not where I would like it.  I’ve kept this quote with me, in writing, since I started teaching five years ago.  It was shared with me by a favorite professor.  You can read it and more about that {HERE}
I hope you enjoyed my hall pass!
Thanks for visiting tonight! 🙂 
Happy Learning,

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  1. Cute hallway song! Your reading area looks so great. That's always my most organized and "cutesified" area too. You're so right, that's where the magic happens in first grade! 🙂 Isn't it so great to have such a great friend at school. It makes such a difference. I wish I was right across the hall from you! 🙂
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

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