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Your meteorologists will have so much fun with this jam-packed weather unit for science ! There are 12 learning posters and over 15 weather activities included. Your students will study the weatherseasonschangescloudsweather toolstemperatureforecasts and weather mapsmeteorologyand more! There are plenty of engaging activities packed into this unit to teach the concepts of weather to your students. It also includes engaging, hands-on science experiments!

This learning pack includes:
• weather
• climate
• precipitation
• thermometer
• temperature
• barometer
• wind vane
• rain gauge
• anemometer
• cirrus cloud
• cumulus cloud
• stratus cloud
•Weather brainstorming (bubble) map
• Fall bubble/brainstorming map
• Winter bubble/brainstorming map
• Spring bubble/brainstorming map
• Summer bubble/brainstorming map
• Changing Seasons Artist activity
• Class temperature graph and data activity
• Weather Label It! printable
• Make-it-rain science experiment and kid-friendly lab report
• Cotton ball clouds activity
• Forecast Focus
• I’m a meteorologist map study
• I’m a meteorologist activity page
• I’m a meteorologist news report activity
• Which weather tool would you use? activity and printable

There are enough activities in this unit to fill up over two weeks of lesson plans about the weather. I hope you and your students enjoy this engaging weather unit.

The science topics covered within this resource include: weather, clouds, rain, storms, summer, winter, spring, fall, autumn, graphs, data, forecast, meteorology, stratus clouds, cumulus clouds, and cirrus clouds –Please note that the water cycle is not included within this weather unit.

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Happy Learning,
Miss DeCarbo

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