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Teach retelling skills while having fun! EASILY transform your classroom into a restaurant theme that focuses on the skill of retelling stories and passages. This engaging retelling pack includes a comprehension craft called a retelling sandwich. Your students will use the retelling sandwich to help guide them in their retelling skills. The retelling sandwich craftivity can be used with ANY fiction reading passage or book for a hands-on and engaging tool! Pass out Styrofoam to-go boxes and allow the students to take home their retelling reading tool! They will LOVE it! I have also included my own lesson plans of how I organized our Restaurant Retell theme, included suggestions, tips, and additional ideas for your students.

With this pack, you can also choose to host a Book Buffet! Put any books you’d like into foil pans and allow the students to use salad tongs to pick a book from the buffet. Students will then use the included graphic organizers to read and retell their books! They can use their retelling sandwich as a visual tool, too!

What is included in Restaurant Retell?
•Teacher direction pages
•List of optional novelty materials I used for this theme, including links
•My own lesson plans for using this mini-pack in my classroom
•Ideas for using this mini-pack
•Craftivity pieces and directions for the retelling sandwich
•Ideas for how to adjust and make the retelling sandwich work for you
•Retelling sandwich graphic organizer – drawing version
•Retell sandwich graphic organizer – writing version
•Retelling sandwich bookmark
•3 “easy” retelling sandwich passage
•3 “medium” retelling sandwich passages with the same three stories
•3 “advanced” retelling sandwich passages with the same three stories
•Ideas for additional uses for the retelling sandwich passages
•Retelling menus for the easy, medium, and advanced passages
•Editable Retelling menu to type in any book or passage title
•Links to additional retelling resources you may love

Who is Restaurant Retell designed for?
Retelling is an important comprehension skill that all readers need to develop as they read to understand. I created this pack for first-grade and second-grade students. The three differentiated reading passages allow you to choose which reading passage works best for your grade level. If your students find the passages too hard or too easy, keep in mind that an EDITABLE menu has been included. Letting your students “order” what they are going to read can be done with ANY book or passage that you already have. You can simply type in the titles of the three choices that your students can “order” from at the small group table. The retelling sandwich, graphic organizers, and bookmarks are appropriate for all levels of readers in first and second grade. Third-grade readers will find Restaurant Retell fun, too! Kindergarten classrooms can use it, too! Just select the drawing graphic organizer and type any guided reading book or passage into your editable menu so that kindergarten readers can “order” their reading material at the small group table, too!

Can I see what some of the pages look like?
Of course! Simply click on the Preview File and scroll through to get a feel for this mini-pack. You can preview one of the differentiated passages so that you can get a feel for whether or not the text complexity of the three versions will work for your group or groups of students.

Do you have other resources that are focused on retelling?
I do! If you’re looking for additional retelling resources for your reading block, small group reading, or intervention, check out the resources below:
Read and Retell: A Reading Intervention Pack
Reading Sliders: Reading Passages and Visual Tool

If you have any additional questions about Restaurant Retell, please feel free to email me at
You can also find a video explanation of this pack on the highlight reel of my Instagram page @missdecarbo

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