February Read and Infer: The Valentine’s Day Mix Up


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The Lunch Bunch Club is back, just in time for Valentine’s Day! This month, the Lunch Bunch Club is getting ready for their Valentine’s Day party at Kind Elementary School. Each member brought goodie bags to pass out to their friends. They each wrote a Valentine’s Day card to go with their goodie bags, too, but they forgot to tape the cards to the bags! Oh no! Now their goodie bags are all MIXED-UP! They need your help to figure out which goodie bag each member of the Lunch Bunch Club made. Can your students use their inference skills to help the Lunch Bunch Club by working together as literacy detectives?

Download the Preview File to see TONS of photographs and learn more about this hands-on and highly engaging February Valentine’s Day resource!

Join Sam, Sara, Mike, Lee, Theo, Wendy, Darcy, and May in this February Read and Infer edition of The Valentine’s Day Mix-Up In each edition, your students will use their own schema and clues from the text to help the Lunch Bunch Club solve a big problem. My hope is that your students come to know these eight characters as “old pals” within your classrooms! At the same time, they will build important literacy skills as they infer, draw conclusions, make predictions, write about their reading and reasoning, and think critically.

In February’s Valentine’s Day Mix-Up Edition, your students will infer what each member of the Lunch Bunch Club put into the goodie bags he or she is passing out at the Valentine’s Day party. They can work as a whole class, a small group, or within a literacy center to match the pictures and the Valentine’s Day card “clues” to the correct goodie bag template. The pack includes TONS of differentiated recording sheets – choose the format or formats that best meet your students’ needs. Your students will be engaged in discussions as they infer and activate their background knowledge to analyze the clues. They will provide and write evidence in order to prove their inferences throughout several of the recording sheets.

writing extension activity is included within the pack, complete with blank templates for your students to write their own inference clues for one another.

BONUS: Eight Valentine’s Day inference riddle cards, with differentiated recording sheets, are also included! These inference riddle cards are the perfect addition to your mini lessons, small group reading activities, literacy centers, or independent fast-finisher activities.

The February Read and Infer pack includes:
Teacher Directions and LOTS of real photographs for examples
Ideas for Use page
The Valentine’s Day Mix-Up story to read aloud
8 Valentine’s Day card inference writing pieces
8 picture cards: teddy bear, candy hearts, chocolate, pencils, cookies, cupcake, card, balloons
8 goodie bag templates
6 different Valentine’s Day Mix-Up recording sheets (or use a combination of several!)
Answer Key
3 differentiated goodie bag writing templates for the extension activity
Blank inference goodie bags
Inference Poster – color and black & white ink
Inference Anchor Chart pieces – color and black & white ink
8 Valentine’s Day inference riddle task cards – color and black & white ink
2 differentiated recording sheets for the Valentine’s Day inference riddle task cards

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