DIGITAL Sight Word Fluency Practice Pack #1 for Distance Learning


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This DIGITAL Sight Word Fluency Practice Pack contains 34 DIGITAL Sight Word Fluency Practice pages for Google Slides™ and a printable pre-assessment, post-assessment, and teacher tracking page to make it easy to plan lessons and interventions for your class or RTI group!

PLEASE NOTE: These digital Sight Word Practice Pack #1 is the SAME Sight Word Practice Pack as my original, printable pack found here. The practice pages have been reformatted for Google Drive and ideal for Google Classroom and distance learning. When you purchase this product, you will receive a PDF file that contains a link to add the sight word practice pages to your Google DriveYou can then add the practice pages to your Google Classroom or share them with your students. All you need is a Google Drive account to access this file. (You don’t need to use Google Classroom to use these sight word practice pages.) These digital sight word fluency pages are permitted to be shared by ONE classroom teacher for Distance Learning purposes.

Each sight word fluency slide targets 3 of Fry’s first 100 sight words.

  • Students will find and highlight the targeted words by dragging the color-coded boxes over the words they find within the word hunt box. Each word is hidden three times in the Word Hunt box. This sight word identification practice is interactive and FUN!
  • Then, students will read the sentence builder three times to practice smoothness, rate, and expression.
  • To keep track of their repeated reading, students use the moveable smiley faces to cover up the black and white smiley faces on the screen. It’s hands-on and engaging for students!

What is included in the zip folder?

  • A PDF that includes a link on page 6 to add the Sight Word Fluency Practice Pages to your Google Drive™
  • A printable version of the pre and post assessment and tracking sheet for teacher-use

You can choose how to share these reading logs with your students:

  • Copy the specific sight word page that you need and share it with your students. Use it weekly, during a mini-lesson, for small-group reading, for use during independent reading, or as digital reading intervention.
  • Share the entire presentation of Sight Word Fluency Practice Pages with your students and allow them to work at their own pace.
  • Create a folder or topic in your Google Classroom™ and allow students to access the Sight Word Fluency Practice Page that they need or the one you assign.

If you liked my Sight Word Fluency Passages for Reading Intervention pack but need a product with less text for your struggling students, more intense repeated words, or, if you just need yet another way for your kids to practice their sight words within context, this pack is for you!

The possibilities with this pack are endless. Use them as center work, homework, seat work, as intervention within an RTI setting, as a “brain warm-up” for the beginning of your guided reading groups, or within a tutoring setting.

Due to a decreased amount of text, this pack is ideal for the first half of the year in first or second grade, or within the second half of the year in a kindergarten setting! Repeated reading is shown to be a research-based intervention to increase fluency in young readers. It is also great for students needing sight word reading intervention, and repeated sight word exposure and practice.

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