Concrete Comprehension: Questioning for Primary Learners


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Bring comprehension to life and activate questioning skills with meaningful, engaging, and concrete experiences in this Questioning for Primary Learners Unit!Concrete Comprehension is an instructional resource series that uses concrete objects and hands-on experiences to help enhance comprehension skills for primary readers. When our students begin their learning with a concrete experience, it makes thinking visible and shows students the connections between text and the real world. The series is designed to engage students in literacy experiences that will promote higher order thinking and allow students to interact with text in an authentic way. The lessons are set up using the gradual release of responsibility model. While they are scripted for convenience, they can certainly be used as a guide and in whichever way works best for your students. My hope is that you and your students enjoy launching your comprehension lessons in unique ways that ultimately promote rich discussion and thinking within the classroom!

Asking questions while we read is a critical component to comprehension. Activating questioning strategies during the reading process helps students monitor their comprehension, clear up confusion, engage curiosity, and access the text in a meaningful way. This unit will teach your students how to effectively ask and answer questions while reading. The Questioning Edition includes 5 detailed lesson plans. The lessons are packed full of concrete, visual, and hands-on activities, experiences, and ideas for your K-2 students. The concrete objects used within the lessons that are not included in the download consist of straws, a zip-locked bag or box, water, cups, a sand pail or bucket, sand or dirt, and a Magic 8 Ball. (These items are commonly found around your home and/or at local dollar stores. I have also included alternative ideas so that little to no additional costs are needed. The lessons work well in a whole group setting, but can also be taught in a small group setting or reading group. Many of the printables and organizers can also be adapted for independent reading. The lesson plans contain scripted teacher language, however, they can certainly be used as a guide and taught in any manner that best suits the students.

Download the Free Preview File to see photographs and an inside look at everything that is included within this resource! Real photographs with detailed descriptions are included for teacher support. The lessons can be used with any picture book or read aloud the teacher chooses. For convenience, I have included a recommended book list for questioning within the pack.

What’s Included:
Research & Rationale Page
Suggested Read Aloud Book List for Questioning
Ideas for Using this Resource page
Questioning Sticks for read aloud lessons and activities
Lesson #1: My Very Important Object
Teacher directions and real photographs
Differentiated recording sheets for My Very Important Object
We Can Ask Questions Anchor Chart pieces and photographs
Student Friendly Exit Slip: I can ask questions
Lesson #2: Digging Deep into the Text
Teacher Photographs and Directions
All Readers Ask Questions Anchor Chart pieces and photographs
Questioning Expert Certificates
Differentiated “Digging Deeper” Recording Sheets and Graphic Organizers
Exit Slip: I can ask questions about the text
Lesson #3: Questioning Reveals More
I Wonder Anchor Chart Title and Photographs
“The Disappearing Asian Elephants” informational article
Teacher Guide for “The Disappearing Asian Elephants” article
“Endangered Green Turtle Trouble” informational article
Teacher Guide for “Endangered Green Turtle Trouble” article
Puzzle Pieces for concrete learning
Differentiated Before, During, and After graphic organizers
Exit Slip: I Can Ask Questions While I Read
Lesson #4: Sip and Slurp! Thin vs. Thick Questions
Thick and Thin anchor chart pieces and photographs
“Nina’s New Friend” short story and passage for introduction activity
Anchor chart sorting cards
Questioning printable
Thin Questioning Cards
Thick Questioning Cards
Exit Slip: Thin and Thick Questions
Lesson #5: Magic 8 Ball Showdown (Answering questions with text based evidence)
“Fireflies” reading comprehension passage
Differentiated recording sheets for Magic 8 Ball Showdown
Teacher Answer Sheet
“Goldfish” reading passage
Differentiated text evidence printable reading passages
Exit Slip: I can use the text to answer questions

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I hope you love Concrete Comprehension for Primary Learners: Questioning! Be sure to follow my store to be notified of future strategies and editions for Concrete Comprehension!

Happy Learning,

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