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This resource contains simple black and white alphabet and digraph posters for your classroom. Print these ink-friendly posters and/or cards onto cardstock or colored paper. You can use the cards as an alphabet strip in your classroom or shrink the size of the cards and use them as alphabet and sound cards for your small group or whole group lessons. Various options are included.

Please see the following slide for a detailed list of what keyword/picture options are included in this alphabet set. A “heart words” and a “tricky words” card is also included.

Additional options for keywords are included for the following letters: e, f, g, i, t, u, x, y, and the digraph ch. You’ll see both options listed below, and you can choose to print the cards that work best for you. A “heart words” and a “trick words” card option are included, too. If you are striving to follow the science of reading, but also need to include a word wall in your classroom due to school or district mandates, you can post your word wall words by initial sound. Words that cannot be found by the initial sound can be placed under the heart or tricky words card (if desired). This is not as ideal as using ONLY a sound wall for the science of reading, but if you must keep your word wall in addition to a sound wall, this is one way that might work for you!

a – apple

b – bat

c – cat

d – dog

e – Everly, Eddie, or Ed

f – fun/fan

g – game/goat

h – hat

i – itch/inch

j – jug

k – kite

l – lamp/light

m – man

n – nut

o – octopus

p – pan

q – queen

r – rat

s – snake

t – tent/top

u – umbrella/up

v – van

w – wind

x – box/fox

y – yellow/yak

z – zebra

wh – whistle

sh – ship

ch – chop/chin

th – thumb

ck – sock

ph – phone

heart words

tricky words

I hope you enjoy using and displaying these alphabet and digraph cards in your classroom!


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