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This See Think Wonder Write bundle comes with 175 photographs and fast fact sheets to use in your classroom! The photographs are used to spark thinking, questioning, analyzing, evaluating, describing, inferring, and meaningful writing! Students will also learn through lively and vivid discussions with their peers about the photographs. PERFECT for differentiated morning work that meets ALL learners where they are!

What is included in this bundle?
This bundle includes both sets of my See Think Wonder Write resources:
See Think Wonder Write
See Think Wonder Write EXPANSION Pack

Having this bundle provides you with 175 photographs and fast fact sheets to use in your classroom!

I already own one of your See Think Wonder packs. Do I need the bundle? If you DO already own one of the packs, and you just need the pack you are missing, you can find it separately by clicking below:
See Think Wonder Write
See Think Wonder Write EXPANSION Pack

If you don’t own any of my See Think Wonder Write packs yet, this bundle is for you!

Why is critical thinking important?

Children are not born with an ability to think critically – as teachers, we need FOSTER critical thinking by intentionally providing time to think and WRITE about the world around them! Critical thinking is an essential skill for life-long learners and unless we explicitly integrate resources and activities that foster these skills, many students will not grow to be confident, independent learners who can think for themselves and develop connections between content areas.


How does See Think Wonder Write work?

Using photographs, students will be pre-exposed to content you are teaching later on in the day, or activate background knowledge for a multitude of fun topics! This critical thinking resource helps you integrate science and social studies into your day with ease!


1) Provide students with one of the many differentiated writing templates


2) Display a photograph using a projector, document camera, or Smart Board. THIS RESOURCE IS DIGITAL FRIENDLY!

The only pages you really need to print are the writing pages that your students will be using. The rest can be displayed on your screen. You can also print out the photograph. *There are 175 beautiful photographs included in this bundle, but you can use ANY photos for this activity! In my classroom, I choose photographs based on what we are going to learn later on in the day for pre-exposure. Or, sometimes I just choose random photographs to get my kids thinking, wondering, and writing!


3) Now, it’s time for your students to think and write! *Students will write and describe what they see in the photograph, what they think about the photograph, and what they are wondering. This activity encourages great observation skills, vivid vocabulary, connections, descriptive writing, and curiosity!


4) It’s time to TALK about our thinking! Use the fast fact pages! Each of the 175 beautiful photographs includes a fast fact page with four facts and pieces of information about the topic/object of the photograph. You can use this page to teach your students about the topic, especially if it is one that both you and your kids are unfamiliar with.


What is included in See Think Wonder Write?

-A clickable table of contents to quickly jump through the photographs as you find the one you need or want

-Differentiated writing templates. Even kindergarten students can draw and label their thinking!

-175 beautiful photographs to get you started (ANY photograph you find or have can be used with the templates! It’s the resource that never ends!)

-175 coordinating fast fact sheets to give YOU, the teacher, information to discuss the photograph and topic with your students

-Color and printer-friendly See Think Wonder Write posters to guide your students and display within your classroom

-Easy to follow direction pages

-A list of the MANY various ways you can use this product.


“Miss DeCarbo, how do YOU use this in your classroom?”

I use it for morning work! I’ve changed morning work into “wake up work” by getting rid of worksheets and setting the tone for the day that says, “Good morning! Get ready to THINK today!” You can read more about how I use this within my classroom by reading this blog post by clicking HERE.


What photographs are included in the resource?

I’ve included a picture of both tables of contents in the Preview File of this product. I encourage you to download the free preview file to see all of the photographs that are already included in this resource. The photographs cover topics such as:

Antique objects and vintage objects

Everyday household items

Seasonal and Holiday photographs including:

Reindeer, Valentine’s Day, Halloween (candy corn), Thanksgiving (cornucopia), etc.



Math Tools


American Symbols



Foods (fruits and vegetables)




Communities: rural, suburban, urban

Games and toys from various cultures

…and SO much more!


I highly recommend downloading the Free Preview File to truly see what this bundle is all about! I hope you LOVE it as much as I do!


If you should have any questions regarding this educational resource, please feel free to email me at


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Miss DeCarbo, Inc.

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