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These March KINDERGARTEN at-home learning menus keep students learning at home and engaged in content in March! They are perfect for remote learning, distance learning, supplemental learning, homeschooling, or as homework menus. The menus are easy to follow, promote collaboration between students and parents, and do not require any prep work! Students complete a box from the learning menu and cross the box off after it is completed.

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  • READING MENU: includes activities for Read to Self, Read with Someone, and Respond to Reading (This month’s Read to Self section features independent reading stamina activities expression for fluency, setting a reading goal, and digraphs. The Read to Someone section encourages students to discuss comparing and contrasting books and characters with an adult and practicing sight words. The Respond to Reading section focuses on visualizing, doing something after we read, reviewing main idea, and retelling by identifying the setting, characters, and the beginning, middle, and end of a book.)
  • WRITING: includes a mixed CVC review word work section, an opinion writing prompt category, and a section called Fix It Up. Students will revise and rewrite each simple sentence using a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end. Students are encouraged to stretch out each word slowly and write down the sounds they hear.
  • MATH MENU: includes math problems and activities for oral counting and writing numbers, exploring numbers by putting four numbers in numerical order, and a section with beginning addition word problems.
  • HANDS-ON MENU: includes activities for science, social studies, and a category that includes activities for music, PE, art, and character education. This month’s science section focuses on force and motion, including push, pull, directional paths, and identifying objects that roll and slide. The social studies section focuses producers, consumers, and rural, suburban, and urban areas. March’s character education focus is responsibility.



  • A Teacher PDF which has instructions, ideas, suggestions, and printable learning menus
  • A link in the Teacher PDF that allows you add digital menus to your Google Slides™ and share them with your students (via Google Classroom™ or another secure site that you use for distance learning with your students)
  • Parent PDF that you can e-mail directly to the parents of your students (ink-friendly)



Teachers can choose how they wish to use the menus. You might require students to complete one to three boxes from each menu per week, or require them to simply complete the entire menu by the end of the month at their own pace. You’ll want to explain your expectations for the menus to your students through whichever platform you are using to communicate to families. These could also simply be distributed to parents as additional, supplemental, or optional work they can choose to do with their children at home. Choose what works best for you!



These learning menus were designed for kindergartners! The math menu is geared toward kindergarten learners, but Pre-K children can benefit from the practice and problems if they are assisted by an adult and are academically ready. These learning menus would also be great for first graders who need reteaching or a modified curriculum. Students are encouraged to draw pictures to respond to the questions, prompts, and activities. Of course, students who are ready to write can certainly do this, too!



  • Copy the specific learning menu that you need and share it with your students.
  • Share the entire presentation of all four learning menus with your students and let them complete the activities from all four menus at once. (I advise that you let your students know how many boxes from each menu you would like them to complete per week.)
  • Create a folder or topic in your Google Classroom™ and allow students/parents to access the learning menu(s) they would like to work on (This option is nice if you are using the menus as supplemental/optional/extra at-home work.)


These at-home learning menus are permitted to be shared by ONE classroom teacher for Distance Learning purposes. They can only be shared through a secure app or non-public site that you use with ONLY your students for distance learning/remote learning purposes. You MAY email the Parent PDF directly to the students in your classroom. Please note that my resources are not allowed to be used in OutSchool in any way.


Happy Learning,

Christina DeCarbo

Miss DeCarbo, Inc.

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