Indoor Recess Games for Social Distancing


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This pack of indoor recess games includes thirteen independent games and partner games that have been specially designed for social distancing within the classroom!

Why do I need this pack?
Everything has changed due to an inability to pass materials back and forth right now. This includes recess- but it doesn’t mean we have to take the FUN out of recess! This game pack will solve your question: “What will students do for recess when it RAINS and they can’t share toys?” It provides an EASY way to help students socialize and PLAY together at a safe distance from one another. These games also spark creativity and imagination. In addition, you can integrate learning units into the games and activities! Ideas for integrating what you are learning is included within the Teacher Tip pages.

How do students play together in a socially distanced manner?Each game is designed so that no materials or supplies need to be exchan
ged between students
. Each students will play directly on his or her gameboard. Even the partner games can be played at a safe distance and are contact-free! This means students can play a game with one another without having to share materials or pass supplies back and forth, AND they get socialization as they play with a friend! Yay!

When can these games be played?
I designed these games with indoor recess in mind, but the games can actually be used in so many different situations and times throughout the day. They are perfect for fast-finisher activities, morning tubs that are contact-free and require social distancing, at home for rainy days or downtime, and as individual and class rewards. You might even choose to create a “Fun Friday” time in your classroom, when students can get out their Fun Folder and play together and the end of the day!

What is included in this pack?

  • Binder and folder cover pages
  • Teacher tips, directions, photographs, and ideas
  • Set-up tips and suggestions
  • 13 games and activities for social distancing in the classroom:
    • Squiggle Challenge
    • Word Hero
    • Draw and Guess
    • Create-a-Puzzle
    • Word Hunt
    • Make a Board Game
    • The Triangle Game
    • Number Squeeze
    • Spin and Draw
    • Snowman
    • Memory Game
    • Character Clues
    • Word Detectives *BONUS GAME added on 10/12/2020

What grade level are these games designed for?
First grade, second grade, and third grade students can easily play all twelve of these games! Kindergarten students can also play the games, but will need support from the teacher as they get started with each gameboard. For ALL grades, it is a good idea to first model how to play the game for your students, especially if they are unable to read the directions themselves. Homeschooling students and students who are doing remote learning at home can also use these games and activities for fun and engagement!

What materials are needed to play these games?

  • gameboards (included in the download)
  • dry-erase marker
  • sheet protector or dry-erase pouch
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • pencil and paperclip
  • folder or 1/2 inch binder for each student (completely optional)

Each student will need a sheet protector or a dry-erase pouch, and a dry-erase marker. Three of the twelve games are not designed to be reusable, but they only require crayons and scissors (materials your students most likely will already have available in your classroom). One game (Draw and Spin) uses a spinner and requires a pencil and a paperclip. The paperclip can easily be clipped onto the gameboard so it does not get lost when the student reuses the gameboard.

You can set up a “game folder” or “indoor recess binder” for each student if you’d like. This would make it easy for students to pull out their desks and start playing! You can also introduce one game at a time (per week, per day, or whatever works best for you). Please choose the organizational method that works best for you, your students, and your classroom. There is no right or wrong way to set this up!

Can I read more about this pack?
Check out the free PREVIEW file to read more about this resource, see photographs, and check out a sample of a game that is included!

I hope you LOVE this resource, and I hope it is able to ease some stress as you head into this school year. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You can send me a QA on TeachersPayTeachers, or email me at

Christina DeCarbo-Wagers
Copyright 2020
All Rights Reserved


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