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This BONUS Daily Dendrite Challenge is a paperless, digital resource that includes a variety of 25 brain-teasers, logical thinking questions, problem-solving challenges, riddles, and critical thinking activities for primary learners. This bonus pack is NOT included in the Daily Dendrite Bundle. This Bonus Challenge provides an additional 25 days of Daily Dendrite Challenges to teachers who wish to have extra challenges on hand or need additional days due to an early start, late finish, or just to have on hand as you build the Daily Dendrite Challenge routine into your school day!

PLEASE NOTE: If you attended the 2021 Educator Summit Virtual Conference, this Bonus Daily Dendrite Challenge was included as part of your freebie pack for attending my session. You do NOT need to purchase this if you were an attendee for the 2021 Educator Summit.

The BONUS Daily Dendrite Challenge is theme-free and can be used at any time of the school year. The resource is NO-PREP and PAPERLESS! Simply project the calendar onto your screen, click on a challenge, and give your students’ brains some exercise!

NOTE: If you are looking for the BUNDLE pack, which includes ten months of challenges, you can find it by CLICKING HERE.

How can this resource benefit my primary students?

Our students are not born with the ability to think critically. As educators, we have to help foster the importance of thinking and problem-solving. These teasers were created to help your students practice thinking critically, logically, creatively, and “out-of-the-box!” This resource was designed as a fun and engaging way for students to practice thinking creatively and critically. Furthermore, problem-solving, persistence and an ability to see situations from different viewpoints are essential skills students need to develop.

“I like to try things before I buy them.” Can I try it out?

Of course! As with most of my resources, I’ve included a free sample in the preview file. This free sample is created using a PDF file that is clickable. Simply download the free preview file (top of this page, on the left) and try three FREE challenges!

How do I use this resource?

To use the resource, simply project the slideshow OR the clickable PDF file your screen or device. Both versions are provided for you! To use the slideshow version, you will need a device that has Microsoft PowerPoint installed. Then, simply click on the day’s critical thinking challenge and share it with the class. Your students can work as a whole class, individually, with partners or in small groups. The resource is self-checking (when applicable) and encourages students to try the challenge again if they click on the incorrect answer.

What do I need to use this resource?

Since this is a paperless, digital resource that you simply need to project, I suggest having students show their work or thinking on whiteboards using a dry-erase marker, or in a notebook. (This is not needed for every challenge, but you may wish to have students use whiteboards or notebooks for the open-ended questions so that they can explain their thinking and reasoning.) This resource makes an excellent critical thinking supplement to your lesson plans and seasonal activities.

How can the Dendrite Challenge fit into my daily schedule?

There are many different ways and times you can use this resource in your classroom. Some suggestions for use include:

• as a “wake-up” challenge in the morning

• “exit” challenge at the end of the day

• morning meeting

• transitions

• right before or after lunch

• as a small group “warm-up” activity for the brain!

• …there are so many possibilities!

Who will best benefit from this resource?

Kindergarten students will benefit greatly from this resource with the facilitation and assistance of their teacher. First-grade and second-grade students will be able to complete the tasks more independently. At times, you, as the educator, will want to model some of your thinking and problem-solving ideas. However, before long, your students will quickly begin to impress you with their powerful thinking skills! This resource is also ideal for the homeschool curriculum.

At this time, the monthly resources are not editable or available for customization unless in the event of a technical error by the author. Thank you for your understanding!


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