September Currently!

It has been a long time since I’ve linked up to Farley’s Currently linky, so here goes!
Listening– This picture is in real-time. I just snapped it with my phone. My little puppy has been SO tired this weekend. He’s also been very happy that both his mommy and his daddy have been home with him all weekend! 🙂 
Loving– My laundry room! I picked up an old iron yesterday at a thrift shop and I loved adding it to my laundry room shelf.  I still need to fix up the other side of the room but it is slowly coming along!
Thinking-  I was so, so happy that all of my tablets turned on and are ready to go for tomorrow!  We will be learning how to use them and playing our first math game on them.
Wanting– I l-o-v-e fall weather! I can’t wait to be able to throw on a comfy sweater and jeans and yet still not need to wear a jacket (I do not like winter – at.all.).  I’m also happy to see all of the pumpkin coffees coming back! Yum!
Needing- I don’t know if it’s just getting back into an “after school routine” or whether I am being lazy but I have not been doing a good job at utilizing my time after school.  I’ve been REALLY good at taking naps after school though…  #nomoreprocrastinating 
3 Trips-  I would love to go to Italy because my family is Italian! (DeCarbo…not hard to figure out haha!)  My husband and I are tossing around the idea of making a trip to Hawaii this summer before we start to think about having kids – I hope we are able to but right now it is an ‘up in the air’ idea!!  I would also love to go to London one day! 🙂
Thanks for letting me share my Currently with you! Head over to Farley’s blog to check out other bloggers’ Currently pictures and link up, as well! 🙂

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  1. I love your laundry room!!!! I keep thinking I will do some of my Pinterest finds for my laundry room but I can't seem to find the time yet. The old iron is a lovely touch.

    I'm with you on loving fall. I love all the festivals and amazing food. I just HATE that winter follows it. We had an awful winter last year and they are predicating another winter just like it. I really hope they are wrong!

    If you get the chance to go to London, take it! It's truly a beautiful city.

    4th Grade Dynamic Duo

  2. I love the writing on your laundry room wall! I also put Hawaii as one of my 3 trips. I have never been there but we have talked about it many times as a family. I LOVE beaches. I agree with the love of fall weather. Fall is my favourite time of year. I get to wear my favourite boots and comfy sweaters.
    Terri's Teaching Treasures

  3. I think I might actually enjoy laundry if my laundry area was as cute as yours! One of the things I need to be more productive in getting done after school is laundry… but it's just no fun!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Wow! I wish I could take a nap after school! What time do you get home!?! I usually don't make it home with my son until around 4:45 and by then it's dinner time, shower time and then bed time!! I too need to find a way to better utilize my time after school so I can make sure to get everything done!! I love your laundry room!! Ours is not that big or nice!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

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