A Peek At Our Week & Cinco de Mayo Freebie!

I feel like all I did tonight was lesson plan.  Literally.  For about three hours.  I planned.  Then I planned some more.  And in between multiple cups of coffee…I planned a bit for some sub days coming up.  Can’t you just see the light at the end of the tunnel?  I can.  It’s called s.u.m.m.e.r.  🙂

Here’s a little peek at what we did last week in second grade.  I did not create any of these activities.  You see, Amy Lemons is quite the celebrity in my classroom.  I actually commented on her blog about this last week.  We used her amazing Earth Day pack and her Dirt Pudding activity to celebrate Earth “Week” in my room.  By Thursday, one of the kids in my classroom yelled out “YESSS!!!! It’s another Amy Lemons page!”  She has some pretty spectacular stuff.  Click the links above to head over and check it out. 🙂

First, we became worm experts.  Really.  I know more about worms than I truly wanted to know and my kids were SO into worms within the first three minutes of the lesson! My objective for this lesson was to review nonfiction text features and rewrite information in our own words.  To do this, we first created a tree map together.

After we wrote mini “worm reports,” it was time for a little sequencing and descriptive “how-to” writing.  We made dirt pudding!  YUM!

 Before writing the final copies of our recipes, we used Amy’s observation page to further discuss adjectives and sensory words we can add to our papers. They had so much fun! We ended our lesson by using Amy’s writing rubric.  The kids first graded themselves by deciding if they included all of the steps, used transition words, capitals, periods, and handwriting. Then they edited their work and turned it into me for a final grade.  They did a great job.

 We also spent our tiny section at the end of the day last week making her Earth Day books.  We discussed natural changes and man-made changes that hurt the Earth and help the Earth. We also discussed how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  They turned out so cute! 

This week, we are reading Diary of a Worm and discussing fact and opinion. (I still have kids that struggle with remembering the differences when they see these two words.)

For writer’s workshop this week, they are writing their own Doreen Cronin books: Diary of a Ladybug.  To do this, they must mix real facts about ladybugs with their own opinions.  It is really an eye opener to see who has mastered the concept by the end of the week.  Plus, they are pretty hilarious to read! 

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, here is my latest freebie pack on TPT.  The pack has 5 word builders and vocabulary cards to use with it as students uncover the “secret” words.  I like to toss these into my word work bins for my early finishers.

Click the picture below to grab this page from google docs. 
Or, click {HERE} to download the entire pack from my TPT store for free!  🙂

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