I’m Back!!! Now, where do I start?!?!

Hi everyone! It feels like forever since I last sat down at my desk to blog and chat with all of you. It’s been a little over a week and – WOW – do I have a lot to tell you! I’m not even sure where to start! 

The wedding was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.  It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t get over how wonderful it was to just be surrounded by our friends and family all day long.  I cried like crazy during our ceremony and the entire day was simply wonderful. We had so much fun at our reception. The flowers were gorgeous and our florist had covered the place in candlelight, with the walls being pinks and purples. Let me just say, I felt like the luckiest girl ever and so blessed to have everyone there to support us.  We are so thankful for everything!

I wish I had wedding pictures to share with you tonight but our photographer is still editing. I’m going to make you wait for the professional ones which I should be getting any day now.  Before I share some honeymoon pictures with you, I have to tell you a quick story of our first day of marriage – the Sunday after the wedding.  

I spent that afternoon and evening in the E.R.  
Yep.  “In sickness and in health” came very quickly for these newleyweds.  

Don’t worry – I’m completely fine!  You see, it turns out that when your family is gathered around your living room the day after your wedding to open wedding gifts with you, it can sometimes lead to……

a kidney stone.  Not kidding.  We were at gift #3 when I felt a sudden pain in my back. 15 minutes later Chris was speeding to the E.R. and I was doubled over with intense pain.  In less than 24 hours, I had gone from wearing the most expensive, beautiful dress I’ll ever put on to wearing a hospital gown.  It turns out the stone was very tiny and after a dose of morpheme and some prescriptions, they sent me home.  We stayed up all night making sure I could hold down the pain medicine and be able to get on the plane in 4 hours to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  I ended up having no pain and everything was smooth sailing after that.  Haha Chris and I can now laugh about it!! It will definitely be a good story to tell our kids one day. 

The honeymoon was fantastic! Our resort was beautiful.  We went snorkeling, swam with nurse sharks, and I even got to hold a stingray.  Here are some pics for you of our honeymoon. 🙂

                                                                         Our Room!                                        Pool and Tiki Hut!
                                                                 View from our Balcony at Night                          Lazy River!
                                                                  Lobby & Stage                                     The Beach! 
                                                          Punta Cana Airport – Loved it!            Getting Ready to Head Home!

One day there was a local flea market at our resort.  Since I am now fully committed to my Tropical Paradise theme for this coming school year, I of course had to grab some goodies to put in my room.  Check out what I got! 

My drum!  The guy wanted $55 for this but I used my most polished haggering skills I told him I was a teacher and my children would really love this to get the price down to $20!  Not quite sure what the purpose of this will be…I just really liked it. 🙂
Maracas!  This is going to be my new “noisemaker” for the school year.  I’m going to use this sound to replace the bell that I currently use to signal the end of a Daily 5 and Daily 3 round.  
This little “totem pole” necklace was given to me by one of the locals at the flea market.  Actually, I was given three of them!  They told me it was a “symbol of luck.”  I decided my Helper  of the Day would get to wear one of the necklaces to feel a little special for the day. 🙂
Sorry this post was so long,  I had so much to tell and show you.  Tomorrow I will be sharing my latest TPT product with you and maybe another pic or two. 🙂  
Happy Summer!

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  1. Welcome back, Christina. Glad your kidney stone didn't keep you from having a wonderful time on your honeymoon. Thanks for sharing your pictures…they are gorgeous. Can't wait to hear and see more.
    I missed having your blog to read…you definitely turned me into a blog stalker!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see pictures! Don't forget to include some pics of your shoes! 🙂 So happy for you!!!!!!

  3. Glad your wedding was all you desired. Ugh, sorry about the kidney stone, ouch! Somehow I knew you would pick the tropical theme over the amusement park after the honeymoon in glorious Punta Cana! 🙂

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