IKEA Heaven & Lobster Safety

(FYI: I’m on spring break, so this blog post has 0% of school related material in it.) 🙂  

This past weekend, my husband and I took a trip to Pittsburgh.  We just wanted a break from the norm and a chance to get away. We started off getting lost on Friday night. We followed our trusty GPS to the hotel, which took us to a terrible, horrible, scary, lock-your-doors, “It was nice knowing you” part of Pennsylvania.  “This CANNOT be it.” I said.  

Thankfully, it wasn’t.  We finally found the hotel and it was right downtown, and beautiful.  The next morning we went to the Carnegie Science Center.  It was so fun! Our favorite exhibit was the Robot Exhibit.  They had a robot that played basketball, one that made pictures, and replicas of some of the famous TV robots.  Can I have a robot that grades papers, makes parent phone calls, and organizes data? Please??

We also went to the aquarium and got to see some beautiful underwater creatures.  This is a picture of a lobster that we watched for awhile. (Let me explain why…there was a large cliff off to the side of this tank and my husband was worried the lobster was going to fall. He watched it until it made it’s way safely down the rock. Apparently, he’s a sentimental guy when it comes to lobsters.)
Then we went to IKEA. Yay!  Of course, I had to buy a bunch of stuff for my classroom even if I didn’t know at the time (and still don’t know) what exactly the purpose of my purchases will be.  Here’s what I ended up with: 
This movie reel picture frame. (I think I may do my Hollywood/Movie Star theme again next year.)

These cute, colorful vases and daisies.
TONS of packs of their cardboard book bins.  I stocked up on some for our reading specialist who has helped me out SO much this year and got a few for some colleagues as well.  If you know IKEA, they don’t have bags to put your purchases in. Imagine my husband rolling the flat cart outside and me walking behind him picking up all the cardboard packs that kept falling behind the cart…haha ohhh what I’ll do for a book bin bargain!
I also got this…candle lantern?  Lantern-Tealight Holder? Lantern Yard Accessory?   I’m not sure. I just know it’s cute and…well, that’s really all I’ve got.  
What we actually went to IKEA for was a TV stand.  This is what my husband did on Sunday night while I helped -(AKA: watched Army Wives and told him he was doing a really good job and “Wow! It’s so cool you can put things together like that.” and “It’s really starting to look like a TV stand!”)  Like I said, I helped. 
Here is the final product (that I helped with) 🙂
Thanks for letting me share our Pittsburgh weekend with you! 🙂 I’m off to enjoy some non-school  related reading and a cup of coffee. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!
Happy Learning,

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  1. I have those same book boxes! Totally love them. They have lasted about a year at this point, and at the end of this year, they probably need to go. My kids have been rough on them! I should have reinforced them with tape from the start, and modeled better what to do with a book that doesn't fit in the box (because apparently most kids think that you should just stuff it in anyway). For the price, though, I think they were totally worth it!

    My husband would insist that the home of the Steelers couldn't possibly be a good time, but it sounds like a very fun weekend and I hope you have a great rest of the week, too!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Happy spring break!!!!!!!!!!! I am enjoying non related reading too and loving it!!!! Your trip looks like so much fun! I am going to do a post on how to make QR codes for you tomorrow- it's super easy! Have a wonderful (no school work) night!!!!!

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