Ice Cream Tsunami & June Freebie Pack

Today was one of those busy, busy days when you blink and suddenly the day is over.  It started with Ice Cream Day.  Ice Cream Day is a “big” deal in my room.  The kids look forward to it right after they take their stocking down at Christmas.  We do ice cream themed-things all day long.  Ice cream graph, ice cream how-to, ice cream books, ice cream bingo, ice cream craftivity, ice cream writer’s workshop, ice cream grammar review…you name it and I probably crammed it into today. 

We also made our own ice cream-in-a-bag! Yum!

…Did I mention yet that it was raining during this time?

….so we had to shake 21 bags of ice, rock salt, milk, and sugar in our classroom?

Well, it was raining during this time and we had to shake 21 bags of ice in our classroom. 

After lots of paper towels, an awesome parent volunteer, and a donation of a mop from our wonderful custodian, all was well again in our room.   The kids loved the experience of making their own homemade ice cream.  I really wish I had pictures to share with you, but the tsunami of water that was whipping around my head from the shaking bags made me a little terrified to take out my camera.  I’m glad tomorrow’s theme is Beach Day.  Our room could use a little sunshine to dry up the flood. 

Last night I created my June Word Builders Freebie Pack to share with you.  Click the picture below to jump to my TPT store and download this for *free!* 

June Word Builders Freebie Pack!

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