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5 more days of Miss DeCarbo & New Unit Freebie Preview!

Please don’t think I’m crazy for blogging 5 days before my wedding.  I’m at the point now where everything is pretty much done for Saturday.  Programs are getting printed, dress is done, place cards are being made, and gifts for everyone are all bought.  The only thing left to do is enjoy this week and pack for my honeymooon! 🙂  And, to be honest, I’m also at the point where I just want Saturday to be here already.  I’m tired of making decisions about whose going to escort who, song choices, etc.  These things do not matter too much to me.  I just want to stand up there and say these vows already! 🙂  Blogging and working on my latest unit is almost stress-relieving to me.  It’s an escape from the craziness of wedding planning!  Only 5 more days of being “Miss DeCarbo”!

I decided to quickly post a freebie for you from what will be my newest unit.  I’ve been working so hard on it and it’s been taking me forever!  (That may also be because of the many things I’ve had to do lately, too!)  If I don’t finish it in the next few days I will finish it when I get back next week.  It is a States of Matter unit designed for first grade standards in science but can be adapted all the way up to grade 3 due to the many science experiments within this unit.  Grab the freebie below to get a quick peek of this unit! 🙂 
Sorry this is short and sweet!  I’m off to do a last minute meeting with my photographer and then go shopping for a few new dresses for my honeymoon. 
Happy Summer!

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  1. Wow! You sound like you've got it all together already- I definitely did not! I was finishing up placecards while my bridesmaids got their hair done!

    Your wedding will be great. Just don't expect it to be perfect- something somewhere during the day will go wrong, but when it comes down to it… as long as you come away married, that's all that matters- and you'll be able to laugh about the other things! Have FUN! 🙂

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

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